The Most Underrated Player On The Baltimore Orioles

Now that next season‰Ûªs schedule as been released, Suddenlink CA,, many of the challenges in the 2012 Baltimore Orioles Schedule are the same as this year. Division play will be a central feature as always and inter-league play has some concerns. The season opens on Wednesday April 4th but the Orioles open the season at home on Friday April 6th.

The 2012 home opener will mark the 20th anniversary of the opening of Orioles Park at Camden Yards. The O‰Ûªs will host the Minnesota Twins Read all »

Good Places To Purchase Baltimore Orioles Tickets

If you are a major Baltimore Orioles fan and would love to see your favorite team in action sometime in the near future, you might be wondering how you can go about finding tickets. However, a lot of people find that they can’t afford the regular ticket prices of these tickets, and you might feel the same way. Luckily, there are lots of good yet unconventional ways to purchase tickets.

For instance, you might have thought about looking in the classified section of your local newspaper in order to look for jobs, but Read all »

Best Places To Sit At A Baltimore Orioles Game

When it comes to getting the best seats at a Baltimore Orioles game, the obvious answer is the closer to the action, the better. That isn’t always the case though if you factor in everything that goes along with a ball park experience.

Some fans want an easy path to food and beverages, others need the comfort of knowing that facilities are at the ready, while others simply don’t care where they sit, because they just love being at the ball game and experiencing everything that comes along with attending a big Read all »

Preparations for a Ravens Game

This is the perfect season for a Ravens game but don’t forget that you’ve got to prepare before you head to the stadium. When you live in Baltimore there are a few things you already know – make preparing for a Ravens game one of them.
Lock Your House: It’s no secret Baltimore has a bit of a crime problem but it’s easy to make sure you’re not worried about your house while you’re watching the Ravens. Set your HOME SECURITY SYSTEM and make sure your doors and windows are locked to keep fears at bay.
Bundle Up: No matter what time of year you take in a game it’s smart to layer. Never go to a Ravens game without a coat since once the sun goes down you’re going to get cold. Trust us.
Bring Cash: Many vendors in and around the stadium don’t take credit card so bring cash if you want to make sure you can purchase beer or even a t-shirt. Don’t find yourself out in the cold and embarrassing your datehave paper money on hand.

Recent Baltimore Orioles Trades Give Hope For The Future

Despite a hot start this season the Baltimore Orioles once again found themselves in familiar territory, the basement of the AL east. Despite some aggressive moves this off-season they just couldn’t compete with the bloated payrolls of the Yankees and Red Sox. However, some recent trades can give fans hope for the future.

At the trade deadline this season, the Orioles made some nice moves that leveraged them for the future. They got rid of Derrek Lee who, at age 35, may be completely done as a full-time player. In return they got a 23 year old 1b prospect, Aaron Baker. Read all »

The Best Places To Park For Baltimore Orioles Games

When driving into Baltimore for an Orioles game, it can be difficult to find parking for Orioles Park at Camden Yards. There are two main lots available near the stadium, and 30,000 additional parking spaces near the venue. These spaces may require a walk to the park. Heading down further towards the North Harbor, more parking is available, in lots and garages.

The two lots outside of Orioles Park are called Lots B and C. These are premium parking for any Orioles game and will cost you money to park. In the immediate area, parking garages are available near 1st Read all »

Rising Stars In The Baltimore Orioles Farm System

What a difference six months can make. As recently as this past April, Orioles fans had high hopes for their beloved birds; could a postseason berth be possible? With new manager Buck Showalter closing 2010 in impressive fashion, and new veteran leadership in the form of offseason acquisitions Derrek Lee, J.J. Hardy and company, it certainly seemed like a Wild Card was within reach. Now, as September passes us by, our early expectations have faded back to reality. But Read all »

Players The Baltimore Orioles Need To Sign In 2012

A promising start to the 2011 season gave the Orioles fans hope of a non-losing season for the first time in ages. Manager Buck Showalter had the O’s looking ready for the season, and coming out of the gates early. As the season moved into May, the O’s began to suffer at key positions, and the race for 2012 was already beginning in their mind. Heading into the offseason, the O’s need some new players to fill Read all »